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VMPAUTO/RESURS — Innovations in lubricants Chemicals Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg 235 followers International production & scientific company specialized in innovative grease materials for. VMPAUTO / RESURS International. We produce greases and additives for vehicles. @vmpauto official international account. Made in Russia - known around the world! smazka.ru/link/esp. Posts IGTV Tagged RESURS reduces pollution up to 10 times! just in 150 km. RESURS eliminates oil burning which is the main problem of old engines. During vehicle verification in Mexico, RESURS reduced the emission of polluting gas by 10 times Is intended for using in inner cv-joints of all vehicles. Has soft consist.. Hand cleanser Extreme removes extreme dirt. Advantages: Paste for cleaning hands from the.. Hand cleanser Profi is suitable for frequent use. It removes oil and greases in just seconds. Adv.. $4.82USD. iMagnet P14 is the first HTHS viscosity engine oil stabilizer.

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Engine Restorer RESURS is a lubricating composition for restoration and prevention of wear and tear of petrol and diesel engines, transmissions and gear boxes.. Engine Restorer RESURS consists of nanoparticles of the alloy of copper, tin and silver, is poured into the engine oil system.RESURSdoesn't change the properties of motor oil, only uses it as a mean of delivery in the most areas of. RESURS reduces the engine wear, filling the damaged zones and restoring the wear of metal surfaces. The restoration equalizes the compression of cylinders and increases engine power. RESURS treatments (oil additives) export@vmpauto.com +7 (812) 601-05-53. Sales points

VMPAUTO México / RESURS. 5,083 likes · 19 talking about this. Elaboramos lubricantes y aditivos para vehículos Representante oficial de VMPAUTO en América Latina ¡Hecho en Rusia — mundialmente conocido Full production cycle: from synthesis to packaging. We are VMPAUTO, developer and manufacturer of automotive chemicals from St. Petersburg. since 1996. Watch the video. Hello! My name is Katerina Zabrodkina, I am the head of the export department at VMPAUTO. We supply our products to the largest enterprises in Europe, Asia, and Latin America Resurs Moto 50 Gramos. Q80.00 Q75.00. RESURS® es un remetalizante que restaura y protege al motor del desgaste por fricción, devolviéndole su vida útil

RESURS repara uzura în interiorul motorului dvs., restabilind compresia și are capacitatea de a închide condițiile de consum de ulei. Tehnologia RESURS a salvat sute de mii de motoare care erau gata sa fie aruncate. * Vă rugăm să rețineți că ne referim la problemele de consum de ulei cauzate de uzura internă a motorului Aditiv pentru ulei VMPAUTO Resurs Total. 1 (1) 66 00 Lei. Solutie spalare motor VMPAUTO RESURS RAPID 190 ml. 5 (1) 35 00 Lei-51% -51%. Aditiv ulei motor Super Dura Lube, super concentrat, 237 ml + Curatator de injectoare Dura Lube, 155 ml. 4.31 (318) 199 99 Lei (-51%). Hablando sobre unos aditivos y grasas de la marca vmpauto . Los productos son resurs total engine y resurs next. Aditivos para motor. Grasa lubricante para f.. 17 Likes, 1 Comments - VMPAUTO / RESURS International (@vmpauto_world) on Instagram: Why has oil consumption become normal for modern cars? For engines with a working volume of Vadim Medinsky y José Nikolai, representantes mundiales de VMPAUTO Resurs, han estado en Motor en TV para explicar a nivel técnico y estratégico las cualidad..

Use active metal restorer RESURS produced by VMPAUTO and prolong engine life! In March 2012 VMPAUTO together with its partner in Hong Kong Advan International Technolagy made tests on DYNO machine. In VW Golf, 1.4 with run 37 000km (2011) it was added 150gr of RESURS. Step 1 Vmpauto RESURS Adaptive Engine Flush - 5 Minutes Flush. Brand: Vmpauto | Similar products from Vmpauto. 5 out of 5. ₦ 5,000. ₦ 6,000 17% + shipping from ₦ 180 to LEKKI-AJAH (SANGOTEDO) Add to cart. Promotions RESURS MOTO for all types of motorcycle clutches. Pour RESURS into the engine oil system;. Bottles (50g). For engine repair without disassembling and protection of 4-stroke motorcycle engines (with wet and dry clutch) Descriere. Aditiv pentru motor profesional marca VMPAUTO. RESURS NEXT restaurareaza piese uzate fara dezasamblare. Este un produs inovativ cu nanoparticule din staniu, cupru si argint. Este nevoie de un singur produs superconcentrat de 17 grame pentru a aditiva 4-5 litri de ulei, ca si intretinere si preventie si doua produse de 17 grame pentru.

Vmpauto RESURS Foam Carbon Remover - Engine Cleaner. Brand: Vmpauto | Similar products from Vmpauto. 0 out of 5 (No ratings available) ₦ 7,500. ₦ 9,000 17% + shipping from ₦ 180 to LEKKI-AJAH (SANGOTEDO) Variation available. 400-foam. Add to cart. Promotions Pour RESURS into engine oil. This effect can be clearly seen in the photographs - the wear spot with the addition of RESURS is much smaller. Engine Additive RESURS UNIVERSAL. With a dosage of more than 2 bottles, pour the drug at short intervals of run (50-100 km) VMPAUTO RESURS UNIVERSAL Additive for engine 50ml. 10 available. Details. Shipping: US-Mainland: free (more destinations) Condition: Brand new. Returns: 7 days, buyer pays return shipping . Tweet. Description; Additive for engine RESURS UNIVERSAL For in-place repair and anti-wear gasoline engines.. Spuma decarbonizare RESURS este destinată curățării profesionale a camerei de ardere și îndepărtării depunerilor de lac fara dezasamblare. Spuma RESURS dizolvă calamina de carbon de pe supape, galeria de admisie, pe partea superioară a pistonului și zona segmenților de compresie. Poate fi utilizat pentru curățarea EGR-ului. VMPAUTO online catalog featuring products products from Russian Federation such as RESURS, RESURS, Resurs, Resurs, products and other Cranes, Forklift & Lifting Machines products VMPAUTO product

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Ademas RESURS cuenta con registro de marca en varios paises - Rusia, Espana, Francia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Korea... RESURS obtuvo patente de invencion en Estados Unidos en el ano 2008. La empresa VMPAUTO cuenta con certificados de calidad ISO 9001:2000 e ISO 9001:200 Vmpauto RESURS - DIAMOND Valve Grinding Paste quantity. Add to cart. Category: Uncategorized. Description Reviews (0) Description. Professional line of grinding pastes - the way to perfect engine function! Grinding rough grit abrasive disintegrating to soft finishing abrasive just in 30 sec Amazon Seller Resurs LT Engine & Gearbox Restorers is the official distributor and sells only original products at a price from the manufacturer VMPAUTO LLC. RESURS Next (oil additive for car engine equally 2 bottles Resurs Total Engine 50 g ‏‎VMPAUTO/RESURS International Team‎‏ تحتوي على ‏‏٩٢٠‏ من الأعضاء‏. ‏‎ Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! We welcome to join this group: Car owners - to learn more about car care products Partners - to share news, experience and ideas Wholesalers interested in distribution We create car care products for you

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Resurs Limpieza rápida. Rezin. Pasta para asentar valvulas gasolina. Limpiador de frenos. Glow psf. Imagnet psf. Pasta para asentar valvulas diesel RESURS metal nanoparticles align the surface structure of friction parts, restoring and protecting the engine in future. More VMPAUTO — innovations in lubricant Add 2% Resurs SUPER. 1. Mix during 20 minutes with the 300 rotates per minute. 2. Pour into cans motor oil. 3. Take the standard engine oil, Resurs Super and paddle mixer. Please note that the temperature of the engine oil and Resurs Super must be not lower than 20°C. Get your free sample of Resurs Super

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Foam Carbon Cleaner RESURS is desighned for professional cleaning of the combustion chamber and removal of varnish deposits without disassembling. Innovative decoking foam RESURS dissolves carbon deposits on the valves, intake manifold, upper piston, in the area of compression rings. Can be used to clean EGR valve, turbocharger and other aluminium, steel or cast iron parts KAAZ report of using VMPAUTO greases. Testing RESURS-T on quarry equipment, DAEWOO excavator. Testing of RESURS Diesel at SCANIA, MAN, International and Mercedes Benz trucks. Result of using RESURS in Tiara boat engines. Using of RESURS Diesel in Frasal Naviera ship engines

Vmpauto RESURS IMAGNET PSF - Power Steering Repair Fluid quantity. Add to cart. Category: Automobiles Cares & Tools. Description; Reviews (0) IMAGNET PSF - Power Steering Repair Additive. Restores antioxidant properties of hydraulic fluid Increases protection from corrosio Soft Anti-coke, working through the fuel system. Saves time (no need to disassemble the spark plugs and wait 24 hours, until the composition works) VMPAUTO LLC | export@vmpauto.com | + 7-812-601-05-53. Short description. The Silicot REZIN silicone grease protects rubber seals from freezing and hardening. Advantages: Convenient nozzle with sponge provides economic application Has 5 times more of silicone than any aerosol grease Protects car doors from frosting-up in winter Saves up elasticity of seals and protects them from deformation and..

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  1. Η ομάδα VMPAUTO/RESURS International Team έχει 919 μέλη. Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! We welcome to join this group: Car owners - to learn more about car care products Partners - to share news,..
  2. Seller Resurs LT Engine & Gearbox Restorers is the official distributor and sells only original products at a price from the manufacturer VMPAUTO..
  3. Descriere. Informatii tehnice. Recenzii (0) Aditiv pentru motor profesional marca VMPAUTO. RESURS Next - o noua generatie de remetalizatori superconcentrati RESURS pentru o restaurare a motorului fara dezasamblare. Generatia anterioara a ajutat mai mult de 10 milioane de proprietari de masini in 36 de tari. Aditiv pentru restaurarea motorului
  4. About VMPAUTO. Our company, VMPAUTO is a Exporter known for providing Industrial Supplies and many other Russian Federation RESURS products. The firm of VMPAUTO is placed in promyshlennaya 40A Moscow Moskva 0 Russian Federation. VMPAUTO is a famous business in Russian Federation that is operating in multinational market
  5. «FRASAL NAVIERA» company, Chile, has started to apply remetallizer «RESURS DIESEL» on its own ships. Sea transport company was established in 1980 and possesses 19 units fleet. In the beginning of 2009 RESURS DIESEL was applied on twin-engined ship SALAR made in 2001 with CATERPILLAR 2406 engine and 190 tons tonnage. As a result, after RESURS DIESEL application the following fuel economy.

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Resurs Nigeria and VMPAUTO Nigeria . 31/07/2019 . Car Care Products also comes in handy for our customers, we have Tire Shine for your tyres, Plastic Restorer-Cleaner for plastic surfaces in your car (dashboard) and at home and also Leather Restorer - Cleaner, this cares and cleans the leather surfaces of your car and at your home.. 190,00 Lei 156,00 Lei Economisesti 17,89%. Notă: Aditivul de ulei Resurs Next 75g este echivalentul a 2x Resurs Next concentrat 17g sau 2x Resurs Total 50g. Aditiv pentru motor profesional marca VMPAUTO. RESURS - o noua generatie de remetalizatori superconcentrati RESURS pentru o restaurare a motorului fara dezasamblare

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Order RESURS Ресурс для: Type of product RESURS TOTAL (50гр) RESURS NEXT (75гр) RESURS FLEET (150гр) RESURS DIZEL (150гр) RESURS DIZEL (350гр) RESURS T (50гр) Ваше имя Your nam Aditiv pentru ulei VMPAUTO Resurs Total 75g. 78 06 Lei. -72%. -72%. Aditiv ulei motor Super Dura Lube, super concentrat, 237 ml + Curatator de injectoare Dura Lube, 155 ml. 4.27 (281) 357 00 Lei (-72%) 99 98 Lei. Aditiv pentru ulei de transmisie manual VMPAUTO Resurs Total T Aditiv ulei motor Resurs Next 17gr | VMPAUTO. Disponibile 715. 22,00 lei 29,00 lei. Adaugă în coș. Variklio dekarbonizavimo rinkinys RESURS (2,5l variklis) Gamintojas: VMPauto. Prekės kodas: 4607012407450. 0 įvertinimai. Short description. Šis rinkinys - prieinama alternatyva kokybiškam variklio kapitaliniam remontui.RESURS variklio dekarbonizavimo rinkinį sudaro 3 produktai: Dekarbonizuojančios putos:Valymas nuo variklio cilindrų. VMPAUTO presents a whole renovation kit for engines. This kit contains three innovative products for a deep and efficient cleaning: Foam Carbon Cleaner, Engine Flush RESURS and RESURS Total Engine. What results will you have after using our kit? All three products improve the engine properties and condition of the car using the principles - decarbonization above, decarbonization below..

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Account Manager Sales Marketing at VMPAUTO/RESURS — Innovations in lubricants Nigeria 500+ connections. Join to Connect VMPAUTO/RESURS — Innovations in lubricants. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin. Company Website. Report this profile About Selling of Chemicals mainly for engines. Gearbox additive RESURS-T. Indications for use. Instructions for use Let the transmission run for 10 minutes. and drown out. shake the bottle vigorously for 20-30 seconds. let the box run under load for at least 30 minutes VMPAUTO/RESURS — Innovations in lubricants 2 года 11 месяцев Senior Manager Export VMPAUTO/RESURS — Innovations in lubricants янв. 2019 - янв. 2020 1 год 1 месяц. Saint Petersburg Plan, coordinate and ensure the priorities of the export division of VMPAUTO products globally..

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The photographs clearly show this effect - the wear spot with the addition of RESURS is much smaller. Engine Additive RESURS UNIVERSAL. HOW RESURS WORKS. Dosage - bottle 50ml. engine noise. let the engine run at idle speed for 10-15 minutes About Resurs Oil Additive Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed rhoncus convallis lobortis. Duis et elit laoreet, rhoncus massa in, tempus urna. Quisque elementum posuere purus, sit amet rutrum libero lacinia non. Curabitur iaculis lacus et rutrum imperdiet. Curabitur sit amet metus sodales, consectetur augue quis, finibus sem. Pellentesque quam massa, interdu

Product: RESURS TOTAL Cars: 3x Audi A4, Audi A6, Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot 406, Citroen C5, Ford Transit Description: RESURS was used in few cars. Received very positive feedbacks about reducing engine noise, increasing power, smoothest engine work and reducing fuel consumption (in some cases by 20-25%!) Vmpauto Double Effect Resurs. Vendor VMPAUTO Regular price $0.0 Գնել բարձրորակ vmp auto resurs universal ապրանքանիշը: Առաքում ՀՀ տարածքում | հեռ. +374 (10) 54 14 04 կամ +374 (41) 40 16 6

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Resurs - Increases engine compression up to 40%. American patent for invention, protects engine parts from wear & tear. Top 100 best russian inventions, restores worn parts to their factory characteristics by up to 70-95%. Best selling product 2017, decreases fuel consumption by up to 7%, Ver más de Engine Restorer Resurs en Facebook. Iniciar sesión. Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the vmpauto Flickr tag

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RESURS-tehoaineita valmistava tutkimus- ja tuotantoyhtiö VMPAUTO on perustettu vuonna 1997. Sen perustajat ovat asiantuntijoita, jotka olivat kiinnostuneita uusista, metalleja pinnoittavista, voiteluaineista Resurs aditiv. Mi smo firma Resurs d.o.o. postojimo još od 1996. godine. Bavimo se uvozom i distribucijom proizvoda renomirane Ruske firme VMPAUTO. 14.maja. VMPAUTO teknokemialliset tuotteet. Etusivu > VMPAUTO teknokemialliset tuotteet. Jälleenmyyjät: EURA - Autokorjaamo Rosendahl, 02-8652365, RESURS-käsittey, 150 g, auttoi tehokkaiden urheiluautojen moottorien... Testin tulokset puhuvat 11. Lisätiedot . Testin tulokset puhuvat 12 Description GRASA, VMPAUTO, MC 2020 : HS-Code 3403990000 : HS Code Description Preparaciones Lubricantes (Inc Los Aceites De Corte, Las Preparaciones Para Aflojar Tuercas, Las Preparaciones Antiherrumbre O Anticorrosion Y Desmoldeo, A Base De Lubricantes) Que No Cont Aceites De Petroleo O De Mineral Bituminoso. Number of Packages

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Resurs diesel additive DECARBONIZER for diesel fuel VMPAuto 150ml clean nozzle at the best online prices at eBay VMPAUTO México / RESURS Resurs Mexico Ver más. Mack Antonio Zarza Chàvez. 20 de enero de 2020 a las 17:19 # RESURSayuda Les comparto el momento en el que le apliqué a mi carro. Encuentra Restaurador Crfe - Accesorios para Vehículos en MercadoLibre.com.mx! Entre y conozca nuestras increíbles ofertas y promociones. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online

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VMPAUTO MÉXICO Representante oficial de VMPAUTO. Tu región: Mexico. RESURS TOTAL - Producto №1 para la verificación Se destina para restauración sin desarmar y protección de todo tipo de motores contra el desgaste. Paquete 50 g $400 $350 Bestseller! RESURS Next La nueva generación del remetalizante.. resurs diesel применяется для восстановления и защиты от износа современных дизельных двигателей, в том числе с турбонаддувом. ПРЕИМУЩЕСТВА Устойчив в системах смазки с фильтрами и центрифугами Подходит для дизельных. © 2019 - 2021 VMP Auto Iberica | Privacy y Cookie policy Perteneciente al Grupo Econovedades IDI S.L. - Parque Tecnológico Porto do Moll

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resurs® предельно прост в использовании - 1 флакон на 4 литра масла. Каждый флакончик содержит миллионы наночастиц, обладающих удивительными свойствами «заживления» повреждённых участков VMPAUTO is the first Russian company to develop materials for tunneling complexes and in 2018 transferred its production to a subsidiary company lubricant.ru. Among the realized objects, there are metro sections in Moscow, Kazan, Minsk, St. Petersburg and the tunnel in Sochi VMPAUTO presents a whole renovation kit for engines. This kit contains three innovative products for a deep and efficient cleaning: Foam Carbon Cleaner, Engine Flush RESURS and RESURS Total Engine. Story of the single race. Everything happens on Saint-Petersburg-Moscow highway. My Subaru Outback fight with a 500hp Mercedes Amazon Seller ''RESURS LT'' official distributor of RESURS products manufacturer VMPAUTO and selling only original products for prices from manufacturer. Resurs Oil Additive - Effective anti wear protection during cold starts, over heating, sharp acceleration and braking. Advantages: Restoration and anti wear protection of all types of car engines Tepalo priedas Resurs NEXT 75 g. Mano paskyra . Prisijungti; Registruotis; Wishlist 0. Product compare 0 +37067992228 info@resurs.lt Gamintojas: VMPauto. Prekės kodas: resurs-next-engine-oil-additive. 0 įvertinimai. Short description